1 Arena Central Birmingham

2 Arena Central, Birmingham

Loop Engineering were appointed to undertake the overall MEP design monitoring and performance design on behalf of an international banking client.

The new 11 storey (incl 3 basement levels) flagship building is located in the Centre of Birmingham. The building will benefit from the latest high efficiency technologies and aims to achieve LEED Gold status. All major equipment shall be provided with N+1 resilience which includes chilled, LTHW and ventilation systems, N+N arrangement for the UPS and on site generators.

Currently undergoing the CAT-A infrastructure works with CAT-B works scheduled to commence in 2016.

Crossrail MEP design

Crossrail Surveillance – London, United Kingdom

Loop Engineering has been appointed as a MEP design and installation Verification Engineer on the iconic Crossrail project.

Crossrail is one of Europe’s largest railway and infrastructure construction projects and our role encompasses all the central stations.
The verification role involves quality checking of the contractors’ design and installations and their compliance with engineering requirements, specifications and standards.
This commission highlights our experience in the rail sector and good understanding of technical auditing process.

forum 1 southampton

Solent Business Park – Forum 1, Southampton

Loop Engineering were appointed to undertake the MEP design for the complete refurbishment and fit-out of 3 floors of commercial office space for banking client. This covered Cat A and Cat B works.

The project will be LEED Gold certified.
Works included:

  • upgrading the air handling plant
  • installation of a new chiller and pumps
  • new LTHW system
  • resilient cooling to the Comms Room

Electrical works included:

  • infrastructure upgrades
  • new UPS system
  • new LED lighting
Fit out design loop engineering

Shell & Core and fit-out design, Kraków, Poland

Loop Engineering were involved from inception to provide Shell & Core and Cat A & Cat B fit-out design on this prestigious project in Krakow for a large international banking client as it acts as their global service centre in Europe.

We were initially appointed to assist with site selection and short listing which was followed by lease negotiations with the developer and client (Skanska). The building selected is in a prime location just near Krakow city centre and consists of an 8 story building plus 3 basement levels containing parking and plant areas.

Loop developed the detailed scope for the Cat A infrastructure works which entailed resilience upgrades to the basebuild offering. The chilled water infrastructure was upgraded, with an additional chiller and cooling tower being added for resilience. Electrical upgrades included the addition of N+N UPS and generator support to the building, with increased fuel storage requiring a separate permit. Dual UPS busbars were added serving all floors with salt and peppering of all desk power. Water storage was also added in the basement. The IT provisions were also upgraded as part of the Cat A with dual intake points on opposite sides of the building following fire protected routes to separate risers up to the main Comms Room.

Following the successful Cat A implementation, we then developed the Cat B design specifications which covered the fit-out of the 1st to 5th floors. The designs incorporated the clients requirements for controlled access routes which also influenced the mechanical and smoke ventilation design. The floors were configured as mostly open plan with meeting rooms and central office functions housed on the 2nd floor. The main Comms Room was located centrally in the building on the 3rd floor.

The main Comms Room was designed to be fully resilient with gas suppression, leak detection, upgraded access control, diverse IT infrastructure and routes increased raised floor, anti-tailgating lobby, resilient UPS and downflow CRAC units. Cold aisle containment was installed to reduce operational costs and allow closer temperature control. The room fabric was also upgraded as part of the Cat A works with the room being tanked at floor level and on the floor above to protect the room from water ingress. CER was located between the cores where the allowable structural loadings were higher.

Loop Engineering oversaw all the Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) of the key plant and helped to develop the required Integrated Systems Test (IST) testing requirements which we then supervised and signed off.

Following the Cat A and Cat B fit-outs of floors 1-5, Loop were appointed to develop the Cat B design for the 6th floor of the Kapelanka development. This entailed designing the MEP services to suit the proposed desking layouts required by the client. The works entailed small power and UPS fit-out works including extending busbar risers to the 6th floor. The air-conditioning system was designed to connect to the existing basebuild infrastructure and included CO2 monitoring for meeting rooms and cellular offices.

Loop Engineering undertook frequent site visits, witnessed commissioning and attended the reduced scope IST testing of the facility.

hsbc house Isle of Man

HSBC House – Isle of Man

The project entailed the replacement of the existing heating and hot water systems at HSBC House in the Isle of Man. The existing system had come to the end of life with recurring maintenance issues and access complications due to the existing plant.

The redesigned system and upgrades will improve day-to-day operation of the heating system, reduce operating costs and allow for more flexibility in terms of control and monitoring of the control parameters.

For the purpose of this project, Loop Engineering prepared drawings and performance specifications for the required mechanical systems and has worked with the contractors to develop detailed proposals.

cannons house bristol

Resilience upgrade works – Cannons House, Bristol

This project involved upgrading the existing electrical and UPS infrastructure to provide N+1 resilience to 20 Tech and Server Rooms within these existing premises. The brief entailed minimizing disruption to the existing operations and providing a cost effective engineering solution.

Loop Engineering were appointed for the electrical upgrade works.

74 Goswell Road Commercial Offices

Commercial Offices – Clerkenwell, London

Loop Engineering have completed the MEP design for the refurbishment of 4 story commercial office including installation of new electrical infrastructure, new ventilation, cooling and heating systems in Clerkenwell, London (600m2).

Resilience upgrades & IT consolidation – Whitefriars & Northcliff House

Loop Engineering were appointed to undertake the MEP design associated with the resilience upgrades and IT consolidations in Freshfields’ central London offices.

The project entailed upgrading cooling to satellite equipment rooms in Northcliff and Whitefriars buildings to provide future-proofed PoE infrastructure. The main UPS system was upgraded to N+1 providing dual distribution to key techrooms and the main server room was reconfigured and reduced in size.

Projects were undertaken in a live environment to minimise any disruption to the client.

22 Grafton Street, London

Loop Engineering have completed the MEP design for the refurbishment of 4 storey residential building to a private art gallery for the Cardi Gallery.

warsaw rondo

Warsaw Rondo 1, Poland – Office fit-out

Loop Engineering are providing client support and developing employers requirements for the Cat B fit-out of two office floors totalling nearly 3,000m2 in the Rondo 1 building in central Warsaw for a commercial client.


Works included:

  • providing resilient infrastructure for new Comms Room
  • providing resilient infrastructure for critical office desks
  • generator support
  • UPS support
  • cooling support